Monday, December 17, 2007

It is a fresh start for me in the career world. I need to do my industrial training in order to complete my degree. A week ago, I turn out in a workplace with a VERY knowledgeable GM. He constantly gives me shock about the things that this company is dealing and capable of.

Hmmm... Never thought that STARTREK is so real... He claimed this company is able to do something like that... Did he think that me and my fren are kindy graduates? Cant blame him though, I guess he never finished college. Let me see, i got this stratrek image from google...

I doubt it with all my heart! *God bless Malaysia!* Another bang comes when he boast about Airbus A320.
Here are what he say:
GM: ..... We are doing this automation at the pro level.. We can control the brightness of the light, know when the light will burn... bla bla bla... U ever been into the A320? We can do systems like that.
My God, i cant stand it anymore and almost burst out in laughter. To what i see, this is just a small company doing some simple contractors job. Well i guess enough of all that... I am going off tomorrow so cheers to me.